Gardening Gifts for Springtime

This gardening gift selection is suitable for all ages, abilities and occasions. So lets welcome Springtime and get outdoors to make the most of our gardens, balconies and pots. If you’re looking for chocolate-free gifts for all the family, here is a small selection with more available from my online shop

Young People:

Creative kits for kids encourages their curiosity with nature – from growing their own food and flowers to learning about bugs and the weather. It’s so important to make it fun as we all know, we learn and retain information much more easily if we enjoyed the experience. So with that in mind, I’ve created a few kits for them that make great gifts for birthdays, Easter and holidays!

Grow Your Own Sunflowers:


grow your own sunflowers gift box for kids

Kids Grow Your Own Sunflowers Kit

This cute gift will encourage your children to grow their own sunflowers from seed and also includes bunting to colour in. The bunting is made from FSC card, so can only be used indoors.


1 x packet of Sunflower seeds to sow and grow

1 x wooden plant marker with a bug shape to paint or colour in

Bunting – 10 flags each with an illustration of a flower or bug to colour in.

Twine to hang the bunting.

The bunting can be personalised with the child’s name – up to 10 letters. More flags can be purchased if required.

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Egg Box Starter Gardens:

pink egg box wildflower seeds starter garden kit

4 egg boxes stacked on top of each other tomato sunflower wildflower nigella

Egg Box Starter Garden

These Egg Box Starter Gardens come with a choice of seeds – Tomatoes, Sunflowers, Nigella or Wildflowers. It makes a quirky gardening gift and is a simple way to start sowing and growing flowers or tomatoes from seed on the windowsill.

Suitable for children or adults with no need for any gardening expertise, just a dollop of enthusiasm and a bit of sunshine!

New Home & first time gardeners

If you’ve moved in to your new home there are plenty of gifts to choose from, including packs of annual flower seeds or a ready-made garden design kit and my new book and journal to help with all the basics when starting a new garden.

Ready-made garden design kits

If you need some guidance on how to turn a boring border into a beautiful border, then these ready-made design kits will make your life so much easier as everything is worked out for you – no more overwhelm at the garden centre trying to choose what plants to buy for your plot! Makes the perfect New-Home gift too.

scented garden gift box mum and plain version

There are nine ready-made garden design kits to choose from. Each one is created for a different environment or style preference – Sunny, Shady, Cottage, Butterflies & Bees, Evergreen, Contemporary, New Build/Clay, Wellbeing and Scented.

Each design measures 3m x 1m. Though you can easily adapt them to fit small spaces or raised beds – or use multiple boxes for a large and cohesive garden.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A garden border design template of what to plant where
  • A mood board showing how the plants look together
  • A plant list with photos, flowering times and general care
  • Advice on how to prepare the border for your new plants
  • Top tips on how to add further interest to your border
  • Two packets of seeds to scatter in between plants which will flower from spring to autumn
  • Book on how to create your garden with easy to use guidance and information – perfect for newbie gardeners

All borders include a mixture of evergreen and perennial plants so once it’s planted, it will provide years of enjoyment.

Its good to include annual flowers as they are great for pollinators as well as giving some colour to the garden borders and pots.

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Jewel Garden for Bees

jewel garden for bees gift box with verbena zinnia and calendula illustrations


This includes three packets of seeds – Verbena bonariensis, Zinnias and Calendula. It will certainly brighten up any garden and will support the butterflies and bees. Includes a mini planting plan and floral pocket notebook in a gift box that can be personalised with the recipients name on.

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Wellbeing & Mindfulness Gift Box

If you’re looking to send some well wishes, this Wellbeing & Mindfulness gift box is a thoughtful gift to pop in the post to someone who needs a bit of TLC. It contains three packets of seeds – Lavender, Calendula and Mint along with recipes to make Lavender shortbread, Calendula balm (great to soothe skin) and a Mint mocktail. Plus a pocket size lined notebook and mini colouring book. Nurturing seeds is great for mindfulness and having the recipe card it gives the recipient something to make after growing their plants.

wellbeing gift box

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Love Birds

If friends and family are a long way away, then send your sentiments with these heart-felt gifts. There’s also a range of cards to choose from too which I can write for you and post direct to the recipient if you wish.

Sow in Love

Comes with three packets of seeds – Love in a Mist, Sunflower ‘Valentine’ and Forget-me-Nots and matching gift card – for more information click here Sow in Love information

sow in love gift box front purple

Sending Love & Sunshine

A small gift box containing two packets of seeds – Sunflower (a short bushy variety) and Love in a Mist with matching coasters. A matching gift card is also available and its letterbox friendly too.

sending love and sunshine gift box

sending love card seeds and coaster


Gifts for Mum and Dad, Uncles, Aunts & Grandparents!

Personalised gifts for parents – there are plenty to choose from! Such as these gardening gloves with seed packs – choice of flower or veg seeds.

mens denim gardening gloves with veggie seed pack

Mens gardening gloves and seed pack


womens blue pattern gardening gloves with mothers day flower seed packet and matching card

For more information click here – Ladies gardening gloves and seed pack

If your someone special is planning on ‘growing their own’ these gift boxes tick all the boxes – contains 12 packets of seeds (one to sow each month), a mini cookbook to turn your home grown veggies into culinary masterpieces, along with a sowing guide on what to sow when. A matching tea-towel perfect for drying dishes, wiping spills, or covering bread dough is included in the gift box.

mums kitchen garden gift box

mums flower garden gift box

Bird Feeder Gift Box

Feed the birds all year round with this heart-shaped metal bird feeder. Simply add a fat ball (in winter) or fruit and hang it from a tree or bird feeding station. Gift box also includes three packets of seeds – Sunflower, Cosmos and Zinnia which are all loved by birds.

bird feeder gift box

Burgon Ball Sophie Conran bird feeder

sunflower cosmos zinnia flowers


Personalised Flower Seed Gift Box

Grow your own flower garden with this seed pack, which can be personalised with the recipients name – such as Nanny & Grandad, with seeds that can be sown each month. The flowers will flower from spring to autumn.

nanny and grandads flower seed gift box

Personalised Flower Seeds Gift Box

There are plenty of gifts to choose from and you can add gardening gloves, mini tool-kits, bird seed cakes/feeders, eco-pot makers, veg seeds etc – if you need assistance, just ask!