The RHS Malvern Spring Festival is an annual event that brings garden enthusiasts and plant lovers together at the Three Counties Showground with the stunning backdrop of the Malvern Hills.

This years theme is ‘Gardening for Change’ and is all about increasing garden resilience through soil improvement, saving rainwater, planting for tricky areas that are especially wet or dry along with plenty of advice and tips on how to get plants for free or low cost – such as cuttings and growing from seed.

New this year is the ‘Festival of Houseplants’ and the ‘Kitchen Garden Theatre’.

Over the past few years, houseplants have become really popular and are featuring more and more on TV shows as not everyone has an outdoor garden, and all plants are so important for our overall wellbeing.

The Houseplants are located next to Wye Hall (top left if you’re looking on the Festival map) and is full of stunning house plants and everything you need to look after them, from pots to composts and bucket loads of advice too.

Here’s Arit Anderson busy filming for the TV show talking houseplants…

Arit Anderson at RHS Malvern 2024

What to Expect

  1. Plants & Flowers Galore

As you step into the floral marquee, your senses are immediately greeted by a kaleidoscope of colours and scents. Rows of blooming flowers, exotic plants, and fragrant herbs create a living tapestry. From delicate orchids to hardy succulents, there’s something for every gardener’s heart.

clematis heuchera peony and giant wellyboot

  1. Inspiring Show Gardens

The show gardens at RHS Malvern are like miniature worlds waiting to be explored. Garden designers and landscapers showcase their creativity, weaving stories through plants, pathways, and sculptures. It’s always my favourite part of the show where I can be inspired and look for simple ‘take home ideas’.

Due to the bright sunshine, it was tricky to take photos of some of the gardens, but here’s a quick view of three of the gardens.

The Cotswold Garden:

Designed by Mark Draper. This was my favourite garden and won a Gold Medal, Best in Show and Best Construction, deservedly so, as it was stunning. The garden was too big for me to photograph in one photo, but here’s looking from the wildflower garden across to the seating area.

The cotswold garden rhs malvern 2024 wildflower garden rustic fence

It Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth

Designed by Michael Lote

This garden is about reinstating wildlife habitats that have been impacted by property development. It showcases sustainable build methods and modern naturalistic planting with minimal disruption to the earth.

corten steel metal arch orange flowers and ferns

The Grand Appeal Garden

Designed by Suzy Dean

Won a Silver Medal for this natural adventure garden – which took me back to making dens as a kid! Gorgeous planting – very calm and soothing. The garden is dedicated to The Grand Appeal – the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children’s Charity, which provides places for families to stay when their child is in hospital.

wooden cabin surrounded by natural planting and trees


  1. Planet-Friendly Gardening

This year, the festival places a special emphasis on sustainability. Talks by experts like Frances Tophill, Chris Collins and Toby Buckland delve into eco-friendly gardening practices. Learn how to create pollinator-friendly habitats, reduce waste, and make your garden a haven for biodiversity.

  1. Theatres and Talks

The festival buzzes with knowledge-sharing sessions. Proctors Nursery brought along perennials that can be easily divided and shared and the Kitchen Garden Plant Centre provided plenty of opportunities for herb cuttings that root well in water, such as mint and oregano, that can be potted on to make additional plants.

  1. Food, Drink, and Floral Delights

Stroll through the artisanal food stalls, where local producers offer delectable treats. So many delicacies to try and buy. Also visit the Floral Art exhibition which is full of fantastic flower arrangements. I also recommend attending the sessions with Jonathan Moseley who is an amazing and creative floral artist, so he’s an absolute must to visit!

  1. Special Guests

The festival attracts gardening celebrities, and you might just spot Alan Titchmarsh or Adam Frost (check website for more info) sharing their wisdom. Their passion for plants is contagious, and their anecdotes inspire both beginners and seasoned gardeners alike.

Just remember to wear comfy shoes and plenty of sunscreen!

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